20 Things You Didn’t Know about CybSafe


Cyber ​​security is one of the biggest concerns of companies that rely on digital processes for their business. It is rare to find a job that is not involved in some kind of digital activity. As cybercriminals become more advanced, there is an urgent need for cyber security platforms that detect potential threats and arrest them before the invasion. CybSafe is a company that develops and distributes cyber security software via web and mobile applications to provide customized cyber help to users. Everyone needs protection from hackers, and CybSafe offers software that detects potential threats to its users in real time. If you’ve never heard of this company before, here are twenty things you probably didn’t know about CybSafe to keep you informed of the news.

1. CybSafe is a European company

Crunchbase reports that CybSafe is a European company founded in 2017. It is headquartered in London, England, in the United Kingdom. To see also : Drury University student attempts to hack city of Springfield in cybersecurity partnership. As of 2022, CybSafe has been in business for five years. The legal name of the company is CybSafe Limited.

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2. CybSafe uses a complex set of technologies to run its website

The CybSafe website actively uses 42 technologies to run its website. Our visit to the site showed that the site works smoothly and efficiently. To see also : Collective cyber defence and attack: NATO’s Article 5 after the Ukraine conflict. Forty-two technologies are deployed in thirty-nine technology products and services. Some of them include jQuery, Google Analytics, HTML5, Google Font API, iPhone Mobile Compatible, Viewport Meta and dozens of others.

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3. Interest in CybSafe is growing

An analytical report for the CySafe website shows that 5,785 people have visited in the past thirty days. the number of visits ranks CybSafe at 2,923,984 of the millions of websites registered on the World Wide Web. This may interest you : Legendary hackers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek talk cybersecurity and autonomous vehicles at TC Sessions: Mobility 2022 – TechCrunch. Statistics show that the number of website visitors is growing.

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4. CybSafe is the most popular in the United Kingdom

The largest percentage of CybSafe website visitors come from people living in the UK. Sixty-four percent of web traffic comes from this country, representing a monthly increase in visits of 395.88 percent over the past thirty days. Nine percent of internet traffic is from Zimbabwe, seven percent from India, six percent from the Philippines, and six percent from Australia, which shows an increase in the number of monthly visits to that country by 706.67 percent.

5. CybSafe’s core executive leadership team has four members

CybSafe’s main executive leadership team has four members. Oz Alashe is the CEO and founder. Janet Williams is the director and chief advisor. Kerry Baldwin is a director. Seam Lumley is a co-founder. Team members receive support from a larger group of executives and managers in the CybSafe workforce.

6. CybSafe has a one-member board of directors

The CybSafe Board of Directors has one member. Andreas Wuchner joined the CybSafe board in June 2020 as an advisor. Wuchner is the founder and owner of Wuchner Securities GmbH with one company in its portfolio. He currently serves on eight boards of directors in advisory roles.

7. CybSafe is a venture capital company

CybSafe participated in four rounds of venture capital fundraising. The last round of Series B funding closed on June 6, 2022. The total amount raised in the four rounds is $ 40.2 million.

8. CybSafe has high investor confidence

CybSafe’s strategic planning team has successfully attracted the interest and financial support of seven investors. Investors are confident that CybSafe will continue to grow and expand to provide a solid return on its investment. CybSafe investors include Hannover Digital Instruments, Emerald Development Managers, Evolution Equity Partners, Lead Investor, IQA Capital, also Lead Investor, B8 Ventures, Shawbrook Bank and Level39. These are private investment firms that believe in the likelihood of CybSafe succeeding.

9. CybSafe is a private company

You will not find CybSafe shares for sale or trading on any of the public exchanges. The company has not yet announced an initial public offering. Our research did not reveal any indications of plans to go public with the company. CybSafe receives the necessary funds for its research and development, expansion and business through its private investors. The owners retain control of the company. It is assumed that each investor was given an interest in the profits of CybSafe, but details of the contract and its terms were not disclosed. Some companies go public in the hope of raising funds for business development, but not all companies that go that route get it. In some cases, private financing is the best option.

10. CybSafe is a SaaS company

Techcrunch confirms that CybSafe is categorized as a SaaS company. This means that it provides software to companies as a service. It is a technology company that offers cybersecurity software on a behavioral platform that manages human-related security components. It combines data analytics and behavioral science to help employees in client companies gain awareness of cybersecurity.

11. CybSafe gives customers insight into the behavior of its employees

The CybSafe platform has a different approach to its products and services. Using behavioral science and data analysis on the platform gives employers a view of their workforce’s culture and safety behaviors. It helps them analyze behaviors and report risks to prevent security issues before they begin. The platform influences safety behaviors to help employees increase safety awareness to reduce threats.

12. CybSafe has strong competition

CybSafe has been in business for five years and is still considered a young organization. It is fighting several significant competitors for a share of market share in CyberSecurity. Some of its biggest competitors are raising funds in preparation for growth and expansion, and include Wombat Security, Infosec, Proofpoint, SoF = Safe and KnowBe4, which recently raised $ 393.5 million from investors.

13. CybSafe has secured several large clients

CybSafe has a lot of competition in the cybersecurity industry, but the startup is doing well in securing a large customer base. His non-traditional approach to cybersecurity has attracted large clients including Vodafone, the telecommunications giant, Moody’s FNZ Group, HSBC, Barclays Bank, Credit Suisse and many others.

14. The CybSafe platform becomes more intelligent over time

The CybSafe platform is a cybersecurity solution programmed to become more efficient through continuous use. The software becomes more efficient after delivering behavioral change experiments at the micro level. Security awareness speculations have been eliminated over time. It is an education system that teaches users about smart cybersecurity and helps them learn better behaviors that improve cybersecurity, while alerting employers to potential gaps in knowledge or safe practices. The longer a customer uses CybSafe security solutions, the more it helps improve cyber security behavior.

15. Investors see the potential for CybSafe as a disruptor in the cybersecurity industry

Evolution Equity Partners Karthik Subramanian has a lot of positive feedback in his assessment of the potential for the CybSafe platform. He said the company he represents only invests in founders with cyber security platforms that have the potential to disrupt the industry with innovative solutions that question the way companies approach the issue of threats in the cyber world. Investors approve of a CybSafe approach that goes far beyond symptom treatment and goes to the heart of the problem, which in many cases is employee behavior. it is a non-traditional approach that teaches awareness of sound security practices while reducing the risks associated with human behavior. It’s a brilliant approach.

16. CybSafe is considered a pioneer

CybSafe is a revolutionary company using a new approach to safety awareness and training that has never been seen in such a comprehensive format. It is a pioneer in using metrics and data to change human behavior and create a safety culture among the workforce. It is an approach that brings together everyone involved in the company. It helps to create a standard way of thinking or a way of thinking about cyber behavior to be aware of safe behaviors and those who are not. It instills knowledge of best practices as it teaches everyone in the company better ways to approach safety through their behavior. The Forrester Wave report cites CybSafe as a pioneer in safety awareness and training, also known as SA&T.

17. CybSafe is expanding its workforce

LinkedIn confirms that CybSafe has a workforce of 72 employees. Our visit to the company’s LinkedIn page revealed that CybSafe has published announcements for twenty-one new jobs. All available positions are advertised for candidates living in the London area, England. The company does not currently employ people outside of London. This shows that CybSafe is building its infrastructure and strengthening the staff at its headquarters. Many of CybSafe’s open positions are for a variety of engineering jobs, and some of them are marketing positions, product designers and sales positions. When all new employees are hired, CybSafe will have almost a hundred members of its workforce. This is an exciting time of growth and development for the five-year establishment.

18. Oz Alashe is a co-founder with a solid education

According to his LinkedIn profile, Oz Alashe, co-founder of CybSafe, has an impressive academic record. He attended St. Albans from 1987 to 1994. Immediately after graduating, he began teaching at the University of Reading, graduating in 1997. He attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst from 1998 to 1999. Alashe completed his Master of Arts degree in Defense Studies in 2014 at King’s College London. He also earned a CMI graduate degree in strategic management and leadership.

19. Oz Alashe has an impressive background and is highly regarded

Alashe has served as a member of the advisory board of the Research Institute for Socio-Technical Cyber ​​Security since February 2021. He has also been an associate of the Royal United Services Institute since June 2020. It is the oldest independent think tank related to defense and security internationally. Oz Alashe is also an expert contributor to SPRITE, an acronym for the Network for Security, Privacy, Identity and Trust Engagement. The organization brings together experts from government, civil society, industry, business and macadamia to explore the challenges of security and trust in the digital age. Alasha has solid experience in the defense industry. He and Sean Lumley form a dynamic team in the cybersecurity industry.

20. Sean Lumley is a co-founder with strong experience in defense

The other founder of CybSafe is Sean Lumley. He studied at the University of South Africa from January 1995 to November 1995. He moved to Rhodes University, where Lumley holds degrees in industrial psychology, philosophy and English. He attended school as a sports scholarship serving on the Squash team. until 1997. He attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst from 1998 to 1999. He was involved in the squash team and received full color in a 44-week commissioning course, earning him the position of military officer. He has received numerous certificates. Lumley has international experience in various aspects of bid management, as a bid and proposal director and advancement to senior plan manager for Aegis Defense Services LLC. He is also a serial entrepreneur who founded the Torchlight Group. He worked as a non-executive director and co-founder for nine years and two months before co-founding CybSafe with Oz Alashe. Mr. Lumley has extensive experience in the defense industry. He also has experience in industrial psychology. Sean currently works as Chief Operating Officer at CybSafe. He has also provided pro bono work as a part-time volunteer for Michaelhouse for the past year and a half. The organization is a school in South Africa. It helps alumni unite for a collective force to create good in the world.

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