Get ahead of the posse on cybersecurity at this year’s expo


Office 365 is used by over a million companies worldwide, holding about 46 percent of the global office suite market including email; but it comes with inherent risks and security gaps, a fact that 56 percent of us are not currently considering because we believe in the security capabilities built into the platform!

Furthermore, as email remains the number one attack vector (with a staggering 90+ percent of cyber attacks using email theft, identity theft, compromising business email), and is vital to business communication, it is clear that business leaders they must minimize the risk and add an extra layer of protection when using Microsoft 365.

This is one of the hot topics to be discussed at the Leopardstown Pavilion on April 28, where the Cyber ​​Expo & Conference Ireland event will host a panel of experts to discuss cyber security challenges for our MS Office 365 implementations.

Redmond O’Leary, an executive business advisor whose technical background and decades of experience give him a strong understanding of the overall challenge, will facilitate the session. It will include talks by Bitdefender (Dan Pitman, director of technical solutions on cyber resilience for the 21st century), Barracuda (Charles Smith, consulting solutions, on mitigating the risk of ransomware and M365 data loss with cloud-based protection), Censornet (Richard Walters) , chief technology officer, plans smartly: the future is SASE), Cyglass (dark threat protection and mitigation), Watchguard (Martin Lethbridge, senior sales, on defense against evolving threats) and Webroot (Stephen Wood, director of Solution Consulting, on proactive security stance for the developing world).

Another strategically important and related topic that business leaders must always attend to is identity and access management (IAM), even more so during and after Covid-19, and remote / hybrid work is now becoming the norm. It is important for companies to keep track of who actually accesses their systems, and with digitization multiplying the number of applications used by organizations, the consequence is additional pressure on the organization to have a robust identity and access management strategy.

But what does that really mean and where to start? Dr. Vivienne Mee, a cybersecurity forensic scientist and founder of VMGroup, will host a business session to help understand the complex framework of IAM policies, processes, and technologies that enable organizations to manage digital identities and control user access to critical corporate information. By assigning specific roles to customers and ensuring that they have the right level of access to corporate resources and networks, IAM improves security and user experience, enables better business results, and increases the sustainability of mobile and remote work and cloud adoption.

The IAM session will feature discussions by leading organizations of identity professionals, including Ascertia (Geoff Bartlett, Customer Success, Building Trust and Security in the Digital World), Burning Tree (David Lello, CISO, On Customer Identity Innovations Leading Digital Change), Entrust Simon Broadbent, Channel Manager, on providing a hybrid workforce using a trusted approach; Iain Beveridge, Senior Marketing, on securing your clouds by securing your keys), Systancia (Sabrina Hamed, SaaS Channel Manager, on how PAM solutions help you protect your critical IT assets from cyber attacks).

However, what if all this is in place, you feel good about the strategies you have set to minimize business risk, and then you are compromised by the other side?

This is the focus of our latest stream under consideration today – Third Party Compliance and Risk Management. Companies have multiple partners and suppliers in the supply chain with whom they share information. This exchange of information is increasingly taking place through digital channels and involves integration between the IT systems of different organizations. Although this integration has made business transactions much simpler and provided widespread benefits, it has also increased the risk of cybersecurity.

This discussion on compliance and risk management, led by Carmel Somers, Human Capital Strategist, ICT Skillnet, will aim to provide insight into cybersecurity strategy planning and highlight the importance of each organization’s cybersecurity profile and hygiene to its cybersecurity. .

The session will host speakers from Iboss, National Standards Authority Ireland (NSAI) and Panorays.

Iboss will discuss how their Zero Trust Edge prevents breaches by making apps, data and services inaccessible to attackers, while allowing trusted users to securely and directly connect to protected resources from anywhere. Dennis Ryan, NSAI certification specialist, will educate on cyber resilience and the future EU framework for cyber security certification; and Matan Or-El, CEO of Panorays, will outline best practices for effectively addressing third party security risk.

With the Expo ready to host around 30+ IT and OT security software vendors and 20+ IT / OT service providers, the day will not disappoint and will continue the quest to demystify cybersecurity and keep organizations up to date with trends and developments in the global world. marketplace.

The Cyber ​​Expo & Conference Ireland will be held at the Leopardstown Pavilion in Dublin on Thursday, April 28, from 8 am to 5 pm. To register, visit

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