Integris health becomes target of cyber-attack, patient data potentially compromised


OKLAHOMA CITY (KOKH) — On Sunday, Integris Health announced that it had become the victim of a cyber-attack.

In an announcement on their website, they said “Specifically, we became aware of unauthorized access to a certain portion of our network that stores patient information. Upon becoming aware of the activity, Integris Health promptly took steps to secure the environment and commenced an investigation into the nature and scope of the activity”.

Integris Health said there was no interruption to services as a result of the event, and that Integris is still fully operational.

While the type of information varies by individual, data affected in the cyber-attack includes:

NameDate of birthContact informationDemographic informationSocial Security number

The list does not include:

Usernames or passwordsDriver’s licenses or government-issued identification

In the announcement, Integris released this statement:

We remain committed to protecting the personal identification that is entrusted to us. Because patient contact information was involved in this incident, we encourage you to remain vigilant about any suspicious or unexpected communications from an unfamiliar source or anyone claiming to be affiliated with Integris Health or related to this event. We encourage anyone receiving such communications NOT to respond or contact the sender or follow any of the instructions, including accessing any links. We will continue investigating this event to determine the scope of impacted data and individuals and contact information. Upon completion, we will communicate to those impacted individuals with an offering of credit monitoring at no cost. We appreciate your understanding as we work diligently on this cyber event.

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