Leonardo S p A : Cyber Security Leonardo wins a contract to secure the ‘Terra dei Fuochi’ area


The new project, led by Leonardo at the head of an industrial consortium, aims to strengthen monitoring and surveillance capabilities by applying artificial intelligence and the most advanced deep and machine learning techniques. The project stems from the initiative entitled: ‘Interventions to support security and the environment in the “Terra dei Fuochi” area: video surveillance and environmental monitoring infrastructure for the ASI (industrial development areas) of Caserta’, developed and financed by the Italian Ministry of the Interior, within Mon Legalità (Fesr/Fse 2014-2020). The solution offered by Leonardo was presented during an event organized by the Industrial Consortium ASI (Area di Sviluppo Industriale) in Caserta.

ASI Zone Caserta

Areas around industrial centers directly managed by the Industrial Consortium ASI (Area di Sviluppo Industriale) in Caserta, they require different interventions, all aimed at the main goal of increasing security. The areas of the consortium, which cover an area of ​​over four thousand hectares, are divided into fourteen agglomerations and bring together large companies in the luxury, electronics, automotive, agri-food and logistics sectors.

In this context, the projects envisage the development of an integrated surveillance and control system for the overall security of the industrial areas managed by the Consortium: Caserta, Ponteselice, Obverse Nord, Marcianise-San Marco Evangelista.

This solution uses smart video analysis systems based on GanymedeA Leonardo product that applies AI and deep learning to video surveillance, using algorithms and dedicated functions to meet multiple security needs.

Ganymede can be applied to all video cameras used to protect the four sites of the ASI consortium, which include both industrial sites and non-urban areas that are not protected by fences or barriers.

Ganymede: smart security support

The Ganymede platform will use artificial intelligence to analyze live and pre-recorded video, looking for unauthorized individuals or behavior, showing violations around the Consortium’s perimeter.

Operators can analyze video streaming using artificial vision algorithms, based on neural networks and able to automatically analyze individual images, frames or sets of frames.

This analysis will enable the detection of objects within an area, classifying them using known databases or an ‘open world’ approach. It will also allow the number of buildings in a frame or a series of frames to be counted, estimating the density of people within a given area.

Algorithms can also check how objects or people move (direction) within an area, to highlight suspicious behavior or intrusions.

Smart lighting systems

The contract also includes upgrading the lighting system at the sites, with a solution that can monitor consumption, manage ‘switching on’ and energy levels, providing services to improve security, lighting areas where movement is detected.

With this new contract, Leonardo confirms its ability and experience in the integration of complex solutions, leading technological innovation through the design and development of advanced applications for control rooms, in order to guarantee the safety of people, the territory and the environment.

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