LSU receives prestigious cybersecurity designation


LSU became one of 22 universities designated by the National Security Agency as a Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber ​​Operations.

The agency gives marks to institutions in recognition of the improvement of operational technologies critical to the intelligence and education of high-performing students. Other recognized institutions include Carnegie Mellon, the US Air Force Academy and the US Naval Academy.

“For students, this will magnetize LSU as a great choice to study highly technical and applied cybersecurity, now leading to jobs with entry-level six-figure salaries,” said Golden Richard, director of LSU’s Applied Cybersecurity Laboratory. “The CAE-CO designation drastically increases the exposure of our program, both nationally and internationally. Importantly, it also gives LSU access to grants that are only available to CAE schools. This means significant pots of money for students, projects and equipment.”

In addition to access to scholarships, the designation will help LSU students secure internships with U.S. intelligence agencies.

University President William Tate has made cybersecurity one of his main academic focuses since taking the helm of the school last year. Earlier this year, Tate announced partnerships with the government, private companies and intelligence agencies with the aim of building the university into a premier cyber security education institution.

“With the cluster’s hiring of cyber experts joining LSU’s strong faculty and now earning the designation of a Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber ​​Operations, we are moving forward on a path of promise that leads to a world-class reputation,” Tate said.

LSU was the only institution approached by the NSA in 2021 to apply for the designation and is the first school to receive the designation in more than two years.

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