Maximus names Tim Meyers as VP of Federal Cybersecurity


Maximus has announced that Tim Meyers has been named the new vice president of the Federal Cyber ​​Security Company.

In his new role, Meyers will be in charge of developing and managing cybersecurity solutions for all of his federal clients.

“Tim Meyers has proven to be a valuable asset to the Maximus team, and we are thrilled that Tim’s new role will enhance our cyber security presence for federal agencies,” said Teresa A. Weipert, Director General of Federal Services, Maximus. “The tremendous growth within our federal segment is driven by our ability to further expand our technological capabilities and strengthen our position as an established leader in the federal IT sector. Cybersecurity is woven into all of our programs, and we urge the Team to lead our development of cybersecurity solutions as we continue to meet the most pressing challenges for federal agencies. ”

Prior to his new role at Maximus, Meyers worked for four years as Director of Cyber ​​Security in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) EDGAR project. In this role, Meyers led the agency through a change in cyber security by adopting new methods to protect and secure data. Prior to that, Meyers had a leading role in cyber security at IBM and Accenture Federal.

“Cyber ​​security has become a top priority for all federal agencies because it is more critical than ever to ensure the protection of sensitive information and government networks,” Meyers said. “At Maximus, we have a long, glorious history of working with agencies to provide the most sensitive government data, and we weave cyber security into everything we do. With the development of new, dedicated cyber security solutions, Maximus makes a statement about the importance of cyber security and our determination to provide our customers with the absolute best cyber capabilities. ”

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