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Earlier this year, we introduced My Cyber ​​​​Risk Benchmark™, ​​a tool for quantifying cyber risk in business-understandable financial terms, customizable by industry, organization size and other parameters, for a quick overview of any company’s likely losses from ransomware exposure , web application attacks or other common risk categories. We have made limited use available in the free trial version.

Now we have a great new offer: Share a social link on My Cyber ​​​​Risk Benchmark, earn subscription discounts – all the way to zero.

Here’s how this offer works:

Sign up for the free version of My Cyber ​​​​Risk Benchmark. Share on LinkedIn, Twitter or email – you’ll see clickable share icons in the top right corner of your screen when using Benchmark. Automatically earn 10% off your subscription the first time you share on LinkedIn or Twitter. Earn an additional 10% discount for each user who signs up using one of your links, limit of two credited signup discounts from new users to your own organization. Discounts are cumulative and can be added to the free subscription when you become a subscriber.

A discount code will be sent by email. The discount amount will automatically update to reflect the total cumulative discount earned. Each time the user earns one, the user receives a new discount code, each with a higher percentage discount, and uses the highest coupon when paying for the subscription.

About My Cyber ​​​​Risk Benchmark

Designed to start you and your organization on the path to quantitative cyber risk management without launching a full program Shows how your organization aligns with your industry norms for exposure to loss by risk category Through integration with SecurityScorecard, assesses your security posture and demonstrates how improving your posture can reduce exposure to losses Guides decision-making on the allocation of security resources by showing the probability of different types of cyber attacks in one year. It provides a detailed overview of likely loss amounts from, for example, incident management, lost revenue or fines and judgments.

SecurityScorecard integration with My Cyber ​​​​Risk Benchmark This may interest you : Cyber attack causes chaos in Costa Rica government systems.

Watch a video demo of My Cyber ​​​​Risk Benchmark – Self-Service Quantitative Risk Reporting.

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