Stellar Cyber’s security sensors enable enterprises to improve their overall security posture


Stellar Cyber ​​is disrupting the cybersecurity economy with a new line of cost-effective, feature-rich security sensors, enabling both MSSP and business users to implement 360-degree security coverage and a multimodal detection strategy in any environment.

As part of the Stellar Cyber ​​Open XDR platform, these new sensors are especially ideal for MSSPs who want to offer SOC-in-a-box services to a wider set of customers who may have a smaller footprint and yet want comprehensive security coverage at a competitive price. Businesses with distributed environments can now ensure that they apply the same detection strategies and telemetry collection methods, regardless of any multi-cloud, multi-premium, or remote office setting. This architecture is also optimal for retailers, academic institutions, utilities, manufacturers, financial institutions and health care providers.

“Rapid response to security incidents often requires sensors to be in close proximity to devices being attacked,” said Jon Oltsik, senior chief analyst at ESG. “By reducing sensor costs in many applications, Stellar Cyber ​​contributes to companies’ ability to improve the company’s overall security position and responsiveness.”

Multimodal detections are enabled

To combat today’s advanced cyber attacks, security teams must focus on improving the mean response time (MTTR) and retention time. To achieve this, full 360-degree visibility must be achieved in any environment. Not surprisingly, creating blind spots is the fastest way to disrupt a security team’s performance.

Stellar Cyber’s new sensors enable the collection of logs and API data on the edge, as well as a secure channel for orchestrating responses to local security tools such as firewalls and Active Directory. This may interest you : Researchers, NSA cybersecurity director warn of hackers targeting Zyxel vulnerability. In addition, these sensors natively perform deep packet inspection (DPI) and network traffic analysis to create additional visibility.

Visibility, however, is not enough to dramatically improve MTTR and retention time. Security detections must be deployed as close as possible to where the attacks are taking place – that is, distributed to the edge. Edge detections reduce central processing and data volume and ultimately lead to a much faster response. Stellar Cyber ​​sensors originally included Intrusion Detection System (IDS), NTA, Anti-Virus and Malware Sandbox, all packaged together to facilitate edge detection. Stellar Cyber ​​uses the term “multimodal detection” to describe its combination of edge detection and centralized detection in a single platform, using machine learning (ML) and heuristic signatures.

Sensor functions

These newly released sensors work like the eyes and ears of the Stellar Cyber ​​Open XDR platform, collecting telemetry about attacks from anywhere in the network. They can be implemented in any form factor, virtual or physical, and in any size environment, from a home office to a data center with high bandwidth. This may interest you : FBI thwarts cyberthreat against Boston Children’s Hospital by hackers sponsored by Iranian government. It is important that everyone has the same rich opportunities, including:

Log processing and forwarding Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) for 3500+ network applications Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Anti-Virus (AV) Sandbox to detect malware without a day Detection of assets Secure channel to orchestrate responses to local security tools such as firewalls or AD data buffering Centralized management including security, monitoring, software upgrades, etc.

Security teams can believe in the consistency of data collection and disclosure in all environments. Sensors used in smaller footprint environments are very affordable, so teams can significantly improve security visibility at no exorbitant cost.

“Organizations have many different types of environments, but all must implement consistent, multimodal detection and response mechanisms to fully protect themselves from today’s attacks,” said Sam Jones, vice president of product management at Stellar Cyber. “Drastically lowering the cost of installing sensors, Stellar Cyber ​​allows organizations anywhere to achieve more complete security coverage.”

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