TDSi Adds Cyber Essentials Plus certification to further boost its cybersecurity credentials


TDSi has announced that it has achieved Cyber ​​Essentials Plus certification following the initial Cyber ​​Essentials certification back in June.

Cyber ​​Essentials Plus further demonstrates the company’s commitment to fully securing its business, as well as its products and services, with hands-on technical verification by an independent assessor, following a prior self-assessment.

Supported by the UK Government through the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC), Cyber ​​Essentials helps any size or type of organization to protect itself, its customers and partners and anyone who relies on it from a range of common and potentially dangerous cyber attacks.

Alex Rumsey, Director of Sales at TDSi, commented: “We are delighted to be certified for Cyber ​​Essentials Plus, which builds even further on our initial certification earlier this year. Having this additional level of assessment is a clear indication to TDSi’s customers and partners that we take our own cyber security as seriously as our products and that no part of our business is exposed to potential threats.”

To obtain the Cyber ​​​​Essentials Plus certification, TDSi’s IT infrastructure is thoroughly assessed by a technical expert, following the initial remote assessment for TDSi’s initial Cyber ​​Essentials certification by the IASME Consortium Ltd. for any potential problems that may have been missed in the self-assessment phase and to offer additional advice if needed.

Cyber ​​Essentials Plus enables TDSi to demonstrate the cyber security of its entire IT infrastructure including on-premises systems, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) elements, cloud-based systems and externally managed IT services, together with appropriate password management, anti- Malware and security updates management.

Alex added: “This is further proof that TDSi and our products offer the highest level of protection and security. Any security system – whether physical or IT security – is only as protected as its weakest point. With the two sides of security now inextricably linked, it is essential that we demonstrate full IT integrity, and Cyber ​​​​Essentials Plus does just that, so we are very proud to boast this latest certification as proof of that.”

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