Tehleel Manzoor on mission to aware people about cyber security


Tehleel Manzoor on a mission to educate people about cyber security

Posted by Irfan Yattoo on Sunday, October 23, 2022 This may interest you : Cyber Security Today, Wednesday April 13, 2022 – Updated malware attacks a Ukraine power company, the RaidForums darkweb site is seized, a new Hafnium attack and more patches issued.

A young man from Kashmir who is on a mission to raise awareness about cyber security and laws among people has so far written five books on the subject.
22-year-old Peer Tehleel Manzoor is a cyber security researcher and has been raising awareness among people about cyber security in the region for the past few years.
Tehleel told Rising Kashmir that people have heard about cyber security and its laws, but there is a need for mass awareness among people about the same.
“The internet is too often seen as a secure environment for exchanging information, transacting and controlling the physical world, but cyber wars are already underway and there is an urgent need to be better prepared,” he said.
Hailing from the Natipora area of ​​Srinagar, Tehleel completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from the Punjab Technical University and is currently pursuing his Masters from the same college.
“In the last few years, cyber crime has been on the rise in Kashmir and there was a need to make people aware of these things, to become smart internet users,” he said.
In addition to his five books on cybersecurity, he has covered the topic comprehensively and can often be seen speaking at workshops, webinars, and conferences.
Books written by Tehseen include Secure Locker (Smart Activity Book), Cyber ​​Security Handbook for Teens, Virtual Threat: The Little Book of Cyber ​​Fraud, Limitless Limits, and Human Reaction: The Key to Social Engineering Attacks.
Tehleel encourages people to have strong passwords or a password keeper and enable multi-factor authentication on sensitive accounts. “Strong passwords are an easy way to improve cyber security,” he said.
In 2021, he received a Certificate of Recognition from Gurugram Police Cyber ​​Cell for Cyber ​​Security Awareness Program, Certificate of Excellence from PWR CLUB (Hackershelp) a non-profit cyber awareness organization and another certificate from Hacktify Cyber security: a bug-rewarding platform. .
Tehleel says there is good scope in cyber security in any part of the world, and one can opt for a full-time career. Now there is a vibrant change among people regarding cyber security and I want to take it forward, he said.
“Cyber ​​security is often not easy to explain, as it has many aspects. Hackers have the ability to move from one server to another to cover their path and origin,” he said, adding that there is always room for further growth.
Tehleel said that joint efforts are needed to work on this topic as the future belongs to the cyber and virtual world. Workshops and conferences should be organized on this topic in order to raise the awareness of students, he said.

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