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PLDT and Smart are hiring the next generation of cybersecurity professionals to fight cyber threats and cybercrime.

PLDT and Smart’s Cybersecurity Operations Group (CSOG) trained graduates in computer science, computer engineering, and information technology from the Asia-Pacific College (APC) on cyber security as part of a six-month internship program called the Cyber ​​Warrior Course (CWC).

“Cyber ​​security is advocacy. You need discipline to survive the industry. I have 27 years of experience, but I’m still learning. You have to constantly strive to be better as the enemy becomes more sophisticated,” said Angel Redoble, first vice president and chief information officer. security (CISO) in PLDT and Smart.

“Our students spend two semesters in practice. It was a work success for us and our partner institutions. The internship allows students to experience the job and the importance of why they chose this particular career,” said Rhea-Luz Valbuena, CEO of APC School of Computing and information technology.

Of the 40 students who passed the interviews conducted by CSOG, 19 of them were selected by the CWC and are included in the program. Led by CSOG trainers and subject matter experts, the trainees, also called cadets, were immersed in the group’s day-to-day operations – analyzing real-world situations and using scientific and empirical approaches to address cybersecurity challenges.

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“Every minute counts. You should be quick in solving problems. We are glad that our mentors from PLDT and Smart helped us with our tasks,” said information technology major Melo John Lorenzo, the top 2 cadets of his group. .

Interns are deployed in different CSOG subgroups called “pillars” to learn their specific functions and how they contribute to the PLDT Group’s overall efforts in defending companies ’data, networks, systems and infrastructure and protecting clients from cyber attacks.

“The world has experienced a dramatic increase in cybercrime activity. Together, let’s confront these vile actors who are undermining people, organizations, even nations, and help ensure a safer Internet for all,” said Francisco Ashley Acedillo, assistant vice president and chief cyber security strategies and innovation in Smart.

The development of cybersecurity warriors is part of PLDT and Smart CSOG’s active drive to strengthen and ensure the resilience and sustainability of their cybersecurity systems, which is fundamental to the PLDT Group’s much broader program to enhance the user experience by protecting them from cyber threats.

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