Willyama Services launches a new cybersecurity subsidiary


Willyama Services, a sovereign Australian, Indigenous and veteran technology company, has launched a new subsidiary called Willyama Cyber.

Willyama Cyber ​​was launched today at their headquarters in Canberra by Andrew Barr, Chief Minister for the Territory of the Australian Capital.

Willyama is a cyber provider of the Defense Security Program (DISP) and has been providing critical cyber security services for defense and the wider defense supply chain for several years. The launch of Willyam Cyber ​​as a new business testifies to the success of this cyber business.

Andrew Barr, chief minister for ACT, was delighted with the company’s growth and their success in creating jobs for Indigenous Australians. Since its founding, Willyama has created over 15 indigenous jobs in the federal sector.

“Congratulations to Willyama Services on launching their new cyber business in one of our fastest growing industrial sectors. It’s great to see a company dedicated to creating jobs, especially for those within our local Aboriginal community and Torres Strait Islanders, ”the chief minister told ACT.

Proud Worimi man and military veteran Kieran Hynes Founder and CEO, Willyama Services, sought the need to separate the two companies under the unique Willyama brand to provide more defined offers for customers and the indigenous community.

“Willyama Services is committed to employment opportunities for Indigenous people, while supporting indigenous entrepreneurs and businesses. This will not change.

“By merging Willyam Cyber, we will have a business that will focus exclusively on strengthening Australia’s resilience and security stance with cybersecurity expertise that relies on Indigenous and veteran workforce and influence.

“We are providing an increasing level of assistance to Australian organizations and those who want to do business in the Australian market by providing our offerings in cyber security and confidential information management,” said Mr Hynes.

Both Willyama businesses; Willyama Services and Willyama Cyber ​​will have headquarters in Canberra. Willyama also has satellite offices in four Australian cities and also offers telecommuting options.

“We chose Canberra for our headquarters because of its amazing cyber ecosystem, proximity to defense, government, innovators and researchers, but also because of the natural environment that provides a great way to live,” Mr. Hynes said.

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