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Kochi-based cyber security analytics company is on a mission to make Kerala a hub of talent in a fast-growing sector. The predominant AI, led by some of the experienced players in the sector, is now ready to establish the Security Data Science Academy (SDS) in Kerala. The SDS Academy will appear at the Company’s Center of Excellence, which operates on the Kochi Infopark campus.

Security data science is a combination of cyber commerce, big data engineering, and data science that is gaining in importance to meet the complex security needs of organizations around the world.

The predominant artificial intelligence, with its predominantly Kerala-based workforce, aims to harness more talent to Kerala’s SDS, relying on the trust it has gained since emerging as a major force in the industry.

The company is doing top-notch cybersecurity work for clients around the world, according to its promoters. Simply put, the company collects and processes data and uses it to find solutions to cyber security threats. The academy aims to train graduates as well as employed professionals from all over Kerala.

The idea behind SDS Academy is to take talented people with technology skills and teach them how to apply science-based approaches to data to better understand things. The technological environment is always changing. It never stays static. You always try new things. So when you’re a defender you have to protect all the time.In a way, attackers or threats are always ahead of the defense.So part of the reason we do with security data science is that there just aren’t enough people to defend all the digital information and environments of the world.So “You have to use technology, and especially data, to solve it. We get a lot of data, actually more data than you can imagine, and we apply science to that data to make it much easier to understand,” said Paul Stokes, co-founder and CEO. Prevalent AI, for Onmanors from his Kochi office.

Paul Stokes, co-founder and CEO of Prevalent AI with Sarah Mottus, HR Director. Photo: G Ragesh

“As the world creates more and more data, and it continues to grow exponentially, we need more and more people who understand how to take that data and extract meaning from it,” he said.

Asked where Kerala is in the rapidly evolving field of data security science, Stokes sounded very commendable. “This is a new and very top field. In Kerala we have built this team of 100+ people and we are doing a lot of experiments in security data science. So we already think that Kerala is at the forefront, certainly within India, among the leading positions in security science Already outside this office, we serve some of the world ‘s largest companies coming to Kerala for their needs for security data science, “said Stokes, who previously played a leading role in global technology companies including BAE Systems, Deloitte and Cognizant.

Stokes is a co-founder of Prevalent AI along with Keralite Arun Rai, who is the company’s chief operating officer.

“Cyber ​​attacks have become very prevalent throughout the digital economy. In any aspect of supply chains, cyber attacks are prevalent. From a defensive point of view, if you look at technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, they have also become predominant. something that was in place since the 60s, but advances like cloud computing have now really enabled artificial intelligence on a large scale.So on the one hand you have attacks that are prevalent and on the other hand defense techniques are also prevalent “, said Raj, explaining the thought behind the brand name.

Prevalent AI also has two global leaders in the cyber security industry as its co-founders. Sir Iain Lobban KCMG, CB and Andy France OBE who are in Kerala as part of the launch of the academy.

Both have in the past been directors of the GCHQ, Britain’s largest intelligence and security organization responsible for providing intelligence and providing information to the government and the armed forces.

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