National Security Podcast: Abigail Bradshaw, Head of the Australian Cyber Security Centre


In this episode of the National Security Podcast, we bring you the third part of the mini-series Women in National Security, produced in collaboration with Accenture.

In this episode of the National Security Podcast, hosts Gai Brodtmann, a member of the National Security College’s Future Council, and Meg Tapia, Accenture’s chief director of defense and national security, are joined by the head of the Australian Center for Cyber ​​Security (ACSC) and deputy director general. Directorate of Signals of Australia (ASD) Abigail Bradshaw CSC. Abigail explains the steps the ACSC has taken to achieve gender balance in its workforce and how they support working families. They also discuss her love of leadership and her approach to helping others become amazing leaders themselves. Listen here:

Abigail Bradshaw CSC is Head of the Australian Center for Cyber ​​Security (ACSC) and Deputy Director General of the Australian Signals Authority (ASD). She has worked in the Prime Minister’s Office and the Cabinet, most recently as Deputy Coordinator of the National Fire Recovery Agency, and before that as Head of the National Security Department.

Gai Brodtmann he is a member of the Council for the Future of the ANU College of National Security (NSC), and was previously a diplomat, defense consultant, member of parliament, assistant minister of cyber security and shadow defense and parliamentary secretary for shadow defense.

Meg Tapia has 16 years of experience in national security and foreign policy. She has served as a diplomat in Papua New Guinea, Afghanistan and Vanuatu. Currently, Meg is the Chief Director of Defense and National Security at Accenture.

Learn more about National Intelligence Community and National Security College Scholarships for Women, and careers at the Australian Signal Authority and the Australian Center for Cyber ​​Security.

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