When Should a New Business Start to Focus on Cybersecurity?


If you start a company online, you are probably aware of the threats of hackers and cybercriminals. However, just knowing the problem will not help your company if you do not take appropriate action to prevent these threats. When entrepreneurs start a new business, they can easily get lost in the little things of setting up products, finding customers and marketing for the masses, to forget about cyber security. But that could be a big mistake.


Knowing when to start focusing on cyber security is crucial because it will ensure that you protect the best interests of your company and the privacy of your customers. Failure to do one or the other can be catastrophic. Let’s talk about when you should prioritize online security and how to get started.

When should you focus on cyber security?

The answer to the question is: now. On the same subject : IT/OT convergence, frameworks and cybersecurity threats. If you have officially started your business and started collecting, storing or sharing any corporate or user data, then your next step should be to focus on cyber security.

This is important to remember because even if small business owners know they need to incorporate a security strategy now, many don’t know because they believe small fish are in a big pond and won’t be. Hackers have noticed, but it’s the exact opposite. Cybercriminals know that owners of the Internet and small businesses do not give priority to data security and therefore tend to strike more often than in large corporations. New and small organizations are the victims of approximately 62% of all cyber attacks.

All companies are susceptible to cybercrime because the data they store is too tempting for potential thieves. In addition to being able to use credit card and social security numbers to take out fake loans, hackers can also steal seemingly innocent information such as dates of birth and email addresses and sell them on the black market or use them for future scams. If it is determined that your company is responsible for the violation, then there could be fines in the amount of one million dollars.

While some companies will be able to pay the financial costs, many will not be able to overcome the damage to the reputation that is likely to arise. Customers know that their data can be compromised, and they also understand that you have a lot of competitors, so if they find that their information has been compromised in your organization, then they probably won’t have a problem buying elsewhere. That is why one of the principles to stay ahead of your online competition is to focus on your customers and ensure that they have the simplest and safest possible experience.

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Have a plan of action

Now that you are fully focused on cyber security, you need to come up with an action plan to protect your company from potential threats and impose appropriate protections. To prevent a problem, your entire company needs to be involved, so educating your team is your first step. Your staff must be informed that the possibility of a virus or malware is very realistic if they do not take appropriate precautions.

Start by explaining the most common threats and how they can occur, including phishing scams, which your team may receive via email or SMS. Let your teams know that these messages can often be made by authorities, such as their boss, but are actually invalid communications sent by hackers, and if a user clicks on a link or opens an attachment within it, his device could be immediately infected with malware. On the same subject : Tech-Governance: MoS Rajeev Chandrashekar speaks on Open Internet, Cyber Security & more. In addition to talking about threats, talk about how I can avoid becoming a victim by reading the sender’s full email address and talking to management if the message looks suspicious.

If your team works remotely and away from home, then they should also be informed about the dangers of man-type fraud in the middle. This often happens when an employee works in a cafe or restaurant when he decides to connect to public Wi-Fi. A hacker can set up a fake network that looks like the real thing, but when an employee connects, he actually connects to the criminal’s computer. Once a hacker enters through a working device, he can break into the corporate network and create chaos.

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Enable protection

While providing information is essential, you must support it with appropriate safeguards to mitigate the possibility of breaches. Start by ensuring that everyone in your organization uses complex passwords that include a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters. See the article : Cyber Security Today, Wednesday April 13, 2022 – Updated malware attacks a Ukraine power company, the RaidForums darkweb site is seized, a new Hafnium attack and more patches issued. Then pair that password with a two-factor authentication form, such as a separate code sent to their phone or a biometric fingerprint or eye scan. Your IT team or computer expert should ensure that employee passwords and authentication software are updated regularly.

As an online company, you need to be especially careful when it comes to securing your network to make sure all your data is stored securely. Make it a habit to back up all data on an external server, so that if hackers take your website hostage via ransomware or data leaks, you can quickly recover that data and get back to work. Of course, your website should also be protected by an updated firewall and a weekly scan of antivirus software.

It is also important to make a cyber security response plan in case a breach occurs. You need to create this strategy today to be ready to act in the moment. This plan should include every step of your recovery effort, including how you plan to combat the virus, which programs should be recovered first, which employees will address each step, and identify how the violation occurred and who was affected. If any customer data is compromised, then they should also be informed so that they can protect their property.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you need to focus on cyber security today. Research your risks, educate your team and establish adequate protection, and you can ensure that your online business stays safe.

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